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E-CBIL-31 - Transcription profiling of dorsal pancreas tissue from Ngn3 null mice and wild-type littermates at days 13 and 15 of embryonic development

Released on 17 July 2007, last updated on 12 October 2011
Mus musculus
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This experiment was designed to analyze the expression of genes in dorsal pancreatic cells at two temporally separated stages of pancreas development. This was accomplished by comparing expression profiles of embryonic dorsal pancreas tissue from Ngn3 null mice with wild-type littermates at days 13 and 15 of embryonic development. The comparison of gene expression in mutant and wild-type pancreas was used primarily to show genes that are lower expressed/missing in the mutant, as Ngn3 null mice have no endocrine pancreas tissue. From each developmental stage, five wild-type and five mutant samples were chosen, representing embryos from at least three different litters. Wild-type and mutant samples from the common stage of development were paired randomly and analysed in flipped colour. Probes were spotted in duplicate on each slide in a randomised (fixed) layout, effectively distributing the duplicate spots randomly over the slide.
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, development or differentiation, dye swap, genetic modification
The effect of neurogenin3 deficiency on pancreatic gene expression in embryonic mice. Petri A, Ahnfelt-R?nne J, Frederiksen KS, Edwards DG, Madsen D, Serup P, Fleckner J, Heller RS.
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