E-CBIL-13 - Transcription profiling of Foxa2 knock-outs in mice to better define the role of this gene in glucose homeostasis

Released on 30 June 2006, last updated on 1 May 2014
Mus musculus
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Study to further characterize the genetic and functional consequence of the beta cell-specific ablation of Foxa2 (hepatocyte nuclear factor 3 beta, HNF-3b) in mice to better define the role of this gene in glucose homeostasis. The study involved 8 two-channel assays on UPenn Mouse PancChip 4.0, each consisting of a competitive mutant vs control hybridization. 4 control and 4 Foxa2loxP/loxP;Ins.CRE RNA samples were hybridized to the array using a dye-swap design. (The results from one of these assays had to be discarded from the analyses, so 7 assays were used.)
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, dye swap, genetic modification
Foxa2 regulates multiple pathways of insulin secretion. Lantz KA, Vatamaniuk MZ, Brestelli JE, Friedman JR, Matschinsky FM, Kaestner KH. J Clin Invest 114(4):512-520 (2004)
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