E-AFMX-2 - Transcription profiling of human and chimp brain tissues

Released on 12 February 2010, last updated on 27 March 2012
Homo sapiens, Pan troglodytes
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We have analyzed gene expression in various brain regions of humans and chimpanzees. Within both human and chimpanzee individuals, the transcriptomes of the cerebral cortex are very similar to each other and differ more between individuals than among regions within an individual. In contrast, the transcriptomes of the cerebral cortex, the caudate nucleus, and the cerebellum differ substantially from each other. Between humans and chimpanzees, 10% of genes differ in their expression in at least one region of the brain. The majority of these expression differences are shared among all brain regions. Whereas genes encoding proteins involved in signal transduction and cell differentiation differ significantly between brain regions within individuals, no such pattern is seen between the species. However, a subset of genes that show expression differences between humans and chimpanzees are distributed nonrandomly across the genome. Furthermore, genes that show an elevated expression level in humans are statistically significantly enriched in regions that are recently duplicated in humans
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transcription profiling by array, organism part comparison, species
Regional Pattern of Gene Expression in Human and Chimpanzee Brains. Philipp Khaitovich, Bjoern Muetzel, Xinwei She, Michael Lachmann, Ines Hellmann, Janko Dietzsch, Stephan Steigele, Hong-Hai Do, Gunter Weiss, Wolfgang Enard, Florian Heissig, Thomas Arendt, Kay Nieselt-Struwe, Evan E. Eichler, and Svante Pääbo.