A-MEXP-2337 - J Wade lab OGT E. coli -12 MG1655 tiling array

Escherichia coli
The microarray was designed by Oxford Gene Technologies (OGT) and consists of 21,321 60-mer oligonucleotide probes that match Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655 sequences at intervals of 160 bp, 618 empty spots, and 158, 160 and 318 copies respectively of three control probes. Probe layout on the chip is 1 block column, 1 block row, 105 rows and 215 columns. The probes matching Escherichia coli sequence were designed using an outdated genome build (GenBank: U00096.1) but the listed coordinates correspond to the updated build (GenBank: U00096.2). The latest build can also be found in GenBank/DDBJ/ENA:
. Due to the updates in the genome sequence between the old and new builds, 35 probes contain mismatches to the updated genome sequence. These probes are indicated in the array design.
Amy Tang (amytang@ebi.ac.uk)
Experiment E-MTAB-1849