A-MEXP-2336 - Whitehead lab Fundulus heteroclitus EST Agilent custom array - design ID 033450

Fundulus heteroclitus
This is the custom Agilent EST microarray for killfish Fundulus heteroclitus, design ID 033450. Probe layout is 2 block columns, 4 block rows, 96 columns and 164 rows, that's eight blocks with 15744 features in each block. Microarray probes were designed using OligoWiz software (Wernersson R, Juncker AS, Nielsen HB, 2007. Probe selection for DNA microarrays using OligoWiz. Nature Protocols 2(11): 2677-2691) from Fundulus heteroclitus ESTs (Paschall JE, Oleksiak MF, VanWye JD, Roach JL, Whitehead JA, Wyckoff GJ et al, 2004. FunnyBase: a systems level functional annotation of Fundulus ESTs for the analysis of gene expression. BMC Genomics 5(1): 96), with preference for probe position toward the 3' end of target sequences. Custom arrays (Agilent 8X15K element design) included probes for 6,800 elements, each printed in duplicate, plus control elements.
Amy Tang (amytang@ebi.ac.uk)
Experiment E-MTAB-1854