A-MEXP-2145 - ChillPeach_01

Prunus persica
Chillpeach_01 version 1.0 was constructed using 4,261 selected cDNAs representing all the unigenes in the ChillPeach database( Ogundiwin 2008). The two criteria used in choosing representative cDNA clone to print in Chillpeach_01 v 1.0 were: (1) EST sequence length greater than 300 bp and covering at least 90% of the unigene consensus sequence, and (2) GC content not greater than 80% in a 70 base-long sliding window. Where more than one clone in a superunigene satisfied all the criteria, the one with longest 5? sequence was selected to ensure that full-length clones were used for slide printing. Where no clone in a superunigene satisfied all the criteria, the criteria were progressively relaxed until a representative clone was selected. DNA probes for microarrays were obtained by PCR from each of the selected cDNA clones in the cDNA plasmid collection. Every selected ChillPeach clone was spotted once. Ogundiwin, E.A., C. Mart�, J. Forment, C. Pons, A. Granell, T.M. Gradziel, C.P. Peace, C.H. Crisosto. (2008). Development of Chillpeach genomic tools and identification of cold-responsive genes in peach fruit. Plant Molecular Biology 68:379-397.
version 1.0
Clara Pons (cpons@ibmcp.upv.es)
All experiments done using A-MEXP-2145: (E-MEXP-3902, E-MTAB-2708, E-MTAB-4213)