A-MEXP-2091 - EGB_Strepto_Array_2010

Streptococcus agalactiae
The genome sequences of the two S. agalactiae strain NEM316, A909, BM110 and COH1 were used as input for probe design with the OligoArray 2.1 software (
). 60mer oligonucleotides were designed, 3 probes per genes were selected. And for intergenic regions longer than 100 nts in NEM316 genome we choose to design in both oreintation. The microarray containes 12884 60mer oligonucleotides. Based on these sequences a custom oligonucleotide array was manufactured by Agilent Technologies.Probes were replicated on the array to reach a final density of 15K probes per array.
Violette DA CUNHA (vdacunha@pasteur.fr)
All experiments done using A-MEXP-2091: (E-MEXP-3318, E-MEXP-3703, E-MEXP-3828, E-MEXP-3829, E-MEXP-3830)