A-MEXP-1738 - MDACC miRNA Expression Bioarray 19k v5

Homo sapiens
The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) miRNA Expression Bioarrays are transcriptional profiling products designed to monitor the miRNA and other small non-coding RNA levels of multiple genes. The miRNA Expression Bioarrays utilize nucleic acid hybridization of a 52 biotin-labeled complementary cDNA target with DNA oligonucleotide probes attached to a gel matrix. The biotin-labeled cDNA targets are prepared by a simple reverse transcription into first strand cDNA. Total RNA is primed for reverse transcription by a random Octomer conjugated with two biotins and a 52 poly (A) tail. This procedure results in an equal copy number of biotin cDNA target to the templates of miRNA. The chip comes with 903 mouse miRNAs, 2277 human miRNAs, 960 ultraconserved genes and 3540 probes for long nc-RNAs sequences in duplicate. 40 mer oligo probes specific for the mature, the precursor and antisense miRNA loci transcription were designed. The miRNA sequences were collected from the Sanger Database (
Chang-gong Liu (cgliu@mdanderson.org)
All experiments done using A-MEXP-1738: (E-MTAB-1562, E-MTAB-160, E-MTAB-2267, E-MTAB-2311, E-MTAB-2611, E-MTAB-298, E-MTAB-5053, E-TABM-1077)