A-MEXP-1726 - Short RNA

Homo sapiens
We designed a microarray containing probes to the 5� and 3� ends of human RefSeq transcripts, to proximal promoter regions just upstream of the transcription start site for each RefSeq transcript and to the first intron within each RefSeq transcript. Each transcript is represented by around 3 5�-end probes, 3 3�-end probes, 2-3 first intron probes and 3 promoter probes. The probes to RefSeq mRNAs were designed using ArrayOligoSelector (AOS) and are spaced approximately every 230 bp along the RNA sequence. Redundant probes designed from splice variants were removed. The array also includes the set of probes present on Agilent�s Whole Human Genome expression array. These reported similar expression data to the 3�-end probes designed in-house. The promoter and intron probes were taken from our previously designed genomic oligo database used for our ChIP-Chip arrays and are spaced approximately every 190 bp (Lee et al., 2006).
Richard Jenner (r.jenner@ucl.ac.uk)
All experiments done using A-MEXP-1726: (E-MEXP-3199, E-TABM-844)