A-MEXP-1676 - BAS Laternula

Laternula elliptica
Three directional cDNA libraries were produced from Laternula elliptica mRNAs isolated from the gill (Le_A01), mantle (Le_A02) and siphon (Le_A03). Each library was constructed from a mixed population of animals. cDNA was produced from 1 ?g total RNA using the Creator SMART cDNA library construction kit (Clontech, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK) according to manufacturer\x{2019}s instructions. A 17664 feature cDNA microarray was constructed arranged in 48 blocks of 12 rows and 4 columns, consisting of 8448 PCR amplified cDNA clones printed in duplicate using 2784, 3456 and 2208 cDNA from the Le_A01, Le_A02 and Le_A03 libraries respectively. The Stratagene SpotReport Alien cDNA microarray validation system was included on the microarray.
Michael Thorne (mior@bas.ac.uk)
All experiments done using A-MEXP-1676: (E-MEXP-2336, E-MEXP-3611, E-MEXP-3613, E-MTAB-3280, E-MTAB-3282, E-MTAB-3283, E-MTAB-3284)