A-MAXD-10 - Huxleyi Coccolithovirus V2

Emiliania huxleyi
Microarray slides (Corning GAPS II Amino-propyl-silane) were printed using Array Jet AJ120 microarray spotter. Oligonucleotides were printed at 20 uM concentration in 50% glycerol with a 0.2 mm pitch, 1 drop per spot. For further information see www.arrayjet.co.uk

Origin: Non-commercial

Spotting Method: Post-processing and Prehybridisation Slides were incubated in BSA blocking solution at 42oC for 1 hour with gentle shaking. Following the prehrybridisation incubation, slides were dunked 5 times in water, then 5 times in isopropanol, centrifuged (1000g, 1 min) and used immmediately.

Adhesion Method: UV crosslinking
Liverpool Microarray Facility
Experiment E-MAXD-23
Array DesignA-MAXD-10.adf.txt