A-GEOD-8786 - [miRNA-1_0] Affymetrix miRNA Array

synthetic construct
Array Manufacturer: Affymetrix, Distribution: commercial, Technology: in situ oligonucleotide, Affymetrix submissions are typically submitted to GEO using the GEOarchive method described at
#%create_date=Tue Oct 21 17:29:14 PDT 2008 #%guid=0000050091-1224635354-0064538561-0684514888-1962062125 #%chip_type=miRNA_v1 # File contains all miRNAs from miRBase that have mapping information grouped by organism, all miRNAs without mapping information grouped by organism (designated as Sequence Type: miRNA), all sno/sca from UCSC (snoRNABase) and Ensembl (designated as Sequence Type: CDBox, HAcaBox, snoRNA and scaRna, and controls). # miRNAs: # * An annot name generally represents one genome location, but may refer to multiple annotations because of multiple mature products delineated by "-3p" and "-5p", or ".1" and ".2". # * Also, those with a '-star' are minor products, and those without '-star' or any other aforementioned suffix are considered the major product. # * Probeset IDs may appear more than once because the miRNA was mapped to multiple locations in the genome, and the annot names may have a "-1", "-2", etc type of suffix. # * Probeset IDs with a letter suffix (eg, fru-miR-23a and fru-miR-23b) are related miRNAs where the sequence is highly similar. # sno/sca: # * The sequences for the sno/sca probesets are the entire sequences sent to Chip Design, not just the SIF regions.

Comment[%create_date] = Tue Oct 21 17:29:14 PDT 2008

Comment[%guid] = 0000050091-1224635354-0064538561-0684514888-1962062125

Comment[%chip_type] = miRNA_v1

Reporter Name = Affymetrix Probe Set ID

Reporter Database Entry [mirbase] = miRNA name LINK_PRE:

Comment[Species Scientific Name] = The genus and species of the organism represented by the probe set.

Comment[Annotation Date] = The date that the annotations for this probe array were last updated. It will generally be earlier than the date when the annotations were posted on the Affymetrix web site.

Comment[Sequence Type] = Indicates whether the sequence is an Exemplar, Consensus or Control sequence. An Exemplar is a single nucleotide sequence taken directly from a public database. This sequence could be an mRNA or EST. A Consensus sequence, is a nucleotide sequence assembled by Affymetrix, based on one or more sequence taken from a public database.

Comment[Sequence Source] = The database from which the sequence used to design this probe set was taken.

Comment[Alignments] = Position of the alignment of the target sequence on the genome. Format: chromosome // start-end // strand // percentage identity

Reporter Sequence = target sequence
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