A-GEOD-8755 - PF - Agilent-014850 Whole Human Genome Microarray 4x44K

Homo sapiens
Array Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies, Catalogue number: G4112F, Distribution: custom-commercial, Technology: in situ oligonucleotide, This multi-pack (4X44K) formatted microarray represents a compiled view of the human genome as it is understood today. The sequence information used to design this product was derived from a broad survey of well known sources such as RefSeq, Goldenpath, Ensembl, Unigene and others. The resulting view of the human genome covers 41K unique genes and transcripts which have been verified and optimized by alignment to the human genome assembly and by Agilent's Empirical Validation process. Arrays of this design have barcodes that begin with 16014850 or 2514850. Orientation: Features are numbered numbered Left-to-Right, Top-to-Bottom as scanned by an Agilent scanner (barcode on the left, DNA on the back surface, scanned through the glass), matching the FeatureNum output from Agilent's Feature Extraction software.

Comment[ACCESSIONS] = Accessions

Reporter Sequence = Sequence of oligonucleotide

Comment[PROBENAME] = Agilent Probe Name

Comment[GENENAME] = Gene Name

Comment[DESCRIPTION] = Description

Comment[CONTROL_TYPE] = Control type

Reporter Database Entry [genbank] = LINK_PRE:
Stéphane VISPE(stephane.vispe@pierre-fabre.com)
All experiments done using A-GEOD-8755: (E-GEOD-16760, E-GEOD-24084, E-GEOD-36966, E-GEOD-42412)