A-GEOD-7303 - Agilent-020938 S. salar (Salmon) Oligo Microarray (Probe Name version)

Salmo salar
Array Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies, Distribution: commercial, Technology: in situ oligonucleotide, S. salar (Salmon) Oligo Microarray *** The ID column includes the Agilent Probe Names. A different version of this platform with the Agilent Feature Extraction feature numbers in the ID column is assigned accession number GPL7097.

Reporter Name = Agilent Probe Name

Comment[NAME] = NAME

Comment[CONTROL_TYPE] = Control type

Comment[REFSEQ] = RefSeqAccession

Reporter Database Entry [genbank] = GenBankAccession LINK_PRE:

Comment[LOCUSLINK_ID] = LocuslinkID

Comment[GENE_SYMBOL] = Gene Symbol

Comment[GENE_NAME] = Gene Name

Comment[UNIGENE_ID] = UnigeneID

Comment[ACCESSION_STRING] = Accession String

Comment[CHROMOSOMAL_LOCATION] = Chromosomal Location

Comment[DESCRIPTION] = Description

Comment[GO_ID] = GoIDs

Reporter Sequence = Sequence
Agilent Technologies(cag_sales-na@agilent.com)
All experiments done using A-GEOD-7303: (E-GEOD-28357, E-GEOD-42582, E-GEOD-42583, E-GEOD-42584, E-GEOD-52507)