A-GEOD-5906 - JCVI PFGRC Trypanosoma cruzi 26K v2 array designed primarily based on strain CL Brener

Trypanosoma cruzi
Array Manufacturer: JCVI PFGRC, Distribution: non-commercial, Technology: spotted oligonucleotide, This set includes 11158 oligonucleotides, has 26496 spots distributed in 48 blocks.

Reporter Sequence = Oligo sequence

Comment[GC%] = GC content of the sequence

Comment[Internal Repeat Score] = Internal repeat score

Comment[Self-Annealing Score] = Self-anneal score

Comment[Primary Strain] = The strain of primary target

Comment[Primary Target] = Locus primarily hit by the oligo

Comment[Common Name of Primary Target] = Common name of primary target

Comment[Gene Symbol] = Gene symbol

Comment[Strain CL Brener] = Target map of strain CL Brener

Comment[ORF] = primary target linkin Entrez Gene LINK_PRE:
Jerry Li(jli@jcvi.org)
Experiment E-GEOD-29510