A-GEOD-513 - Nuclear Chloroplast Transcriptome GST Macroarray

Arabidopsis thaliana
Distribution: non-commercial, Technology: spotted DNA/cDNA, This array mainly consists of GSTs for proteins which have been predicted (by TargetP) to be targeted to the chloroplast. Also, some additional GSTs of non-chloroplast proteins (e.g. mitochondrial) have been included. For more information on the array, please refer to the following two publications: 1) Kurth et al: Gene-sequence-tag expression analyses of 1,800 genes related to chloroplast functions. Planta. 2002 May;215(1):101-9, PMID: 12012246 2) Richly et al: Covariations in the nuclear chloroplast transcriptome reveal a regulatory master-switch. EMBO Rep. 2003 May;4(5):491-8, PMID: 12776738 Keywords = nuclear chloroplast transcriptome GST

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christos Noutsos(cnoutsos@uchicago.edu)
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