A-GEOD-5082 - [Hs_PromPR] Affymetrix Human Promoter 1.0R Array

Homo sapiens
Array Manufacturer: Affymetrix, Catalogue number: 900775, Distribution: commercial, Technology: in situ oligonucleotide, The GeneChip® Human Promoter 1.0R Array is designed for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiments. The Human Promoter Array is a single array comprised of over 4.6 million probes tiled through over 25,500 human promoter regions. Sequences used in the design of the Human Promoter array were selected from NCBI human genome assembly (Build 34). Repetitive elements were removed by RepeatMasker. Promoter regions were selected using sequence information from: 35,685 ENSEMBL genes (version 21_34d, May 14, 2004) 25,172 RefSeq mRNAs (NCBI GenBank®, February 7, 2004) 47,062 complete-CDS mRNA (NCBI GenBank, December 15, 2003) Probes are tiled at an average resolution of 35 bp, as measured from the central position of adjacent 25-mer oligos, leaving a gap of approximately 10 bp between probes. Each promoter region covers approximately 7.5 kb upstream through 2.45 kb downstream of 5' transcription start sites. For over 1,300 cancer-associated genes, coverage of promoter regions was expanded to include additional genomic content. This more extensive coverage spans from 10 kb upstream through 2.45 kb downstream of transcriptional start sites. The array interrogates regions proximal to transcription start sites and contains probes for approximately 59 percent of CpG islands annotated by UCSC in NCBI human genome assembly (Build 34). The probes selected for the Human Promoter 1.0R Array are a subset of the probes used in the whole-genome ChIP array set, the GeneChip® Human Tiling 2.0R Array Set (P/N 900772). BPMAP and other files can be downloaded from the Affymetrix Web site below.
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