A-GEOD-50 - intergenic_v1.0

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Distribution: non-commercial, Technology: spotted DNA/cDNA, Tip Configuration: Standard 16-tip Columns per Sector: 24 Column Spacing: 173 Row Spacing: 173

Reporter Name = unique spot identifier

Comment[SPOT_ID] = Spot identifier

Comment[ORF] = spot name LINK_PRE:

Comment[GENE_NAME] = gene name

Comment[CHROMOSOME] = chromosome number

Comment[STRAND] = genomic DNA strand upon which gene sequence is placed

Comment[BEG_COORD] = beginning coordinate of gene sequence on genomic DNA

Comment[END_COORD] = ending coordinate of gene sequence on genomic DNA

Comment[PROCESS] = gene process

Comment[FUNCTION] = gene function

Comment[SECTOR] = sector of spot print location

Comment[SECTORROW] = sector row of spot print location

Comment[SECTORCOL] = sector column of spot print location

Comment[PLATE] = clone plate number

Comment[PROW] = clone plate row

Comment[PCOL] = clone plate column
Stanford Microarray Database(array@genome.stanford.edu)
Array DesignA-GEOD-50.adf.txt