A-GEOD-2603 - Eurogentec L090D Yeast ORFs

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Array Manufacturer: Eurogentec, Catalogue number: AR-SCGS-1, Distribution: custom-commercial, Technology: spotted DNA/cDNA, The yeast 5803 ORFs MicroArray is composed of 32 subgrids, which follow a pattern of 8 metarows and 4 metacolumns. Each subgrid contains 20 columns and 20 rows with a dot spacing of 200 µm. Probes are spotted as closed duplicates. In order to provide a friendly environment, the first subgrid row on each array metarow contains all the normalization controls, which include the controls with serial dilution of the Renilla LuxA cDNA PCR product. In addition to this control, four serial dilutions of the sonicated yeast S288c genomic DNA are also located in the corner subgrids of the MicroArray.

Comment[Block] = Block that the spot was printed in

Comment[Column] = Column within the block

Comment[Row] = Row within the block

Comment[Name] = ORF Name / Feature Name

Comment[ORF] = ORF Name LINK_PRE:
Bart Scherens()
All experiments done using A-GEOD-2603: (E-GEOD-2891, E-GEOD-45950, E-GEOD-45951)