A-GEOD-16681 - Agilent-024503 Rickettsia rickettsii str. Taiacu 15k v1.0

Rickettsia rickettsii
Array Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies, Distribution: custom-commercial, Technology: spotted oligonucleotide, Rickettsia microarray (15k chip, agilent) The complete genome sequence of the strain Sheila Smith of R. rickettsii (GenBank CP000848.1) was submitted to Agilent eArray web tool for gene expression probe (60mer) design (
) The total of 13,049 60-mer probes representing 99.5% of the bacterium genome (at least six probes per coding sequence) were spotted on an 8 x 15k chip

Reporter Name = a unique id for each spot on the array

Comment[feature_row] = feature row

Comment[feature_column] = feature column

Comment[probe_name] = Unique Oligo identifier

Reporter Database Entry [genbank] = LINK_PRE:

Reporter Sequence = Oligo Sequence

Comment[genome_locus] = Oligo position in the Genome
Maria Fernanda Galletti(mafegalletti@gmail.com)
All experiments done using A-GEOD-16681: (E-GEOD-44315, E-GEOD-44316, E-GEOD-44349)