A-GEOD-14186 - Illumina HumanRef-8 v2 Expression Beadchip 1699538181

Homo sapiens
Array Manufacturer: Illumina Inc., Distribution: custom-commercial, Technology: oligonucleotide beads, Researchers can generate whole genome expression profiles for multiple samples on a single BeadChip. Researchers can profile six or eight samples perBeadChip, with more than 22,000 transcript probes using the HumanRef-8 v2 beadchip. Please use the GEO Data Submission Report Plug-in v1.0 for Gene Expression which may be downloaded from
to format the normalized and raw data. These should be submitted as part of a GEOarchive. Instructions for assembling a GEOarchive may be found at

Reporter Name = PROBE_ID

Comment[Array_Address_Id] = Decoder id

Reporter Database Entry [genbank] = GenBank Accession number LINK_PRE:

Reporter Sequence = Probe sequence

Comment[SYMBOL] = Gene symbol from the source database
Sherry Wang(bchcjh@nus.edu.sg)
All experiments done using A-GEOD-14186: (E-GEOD-24993, E-GEOD-51411, E-GEOD-51413)