A-GEOD-11434 - miRCURY LNA microRNA Array, 6th generation - hsa, mmu & rno

Homo sapiens Mus musculus Rattus norvegicus Human herpesvirus 1 Human herpesvirus 2 Human herpesvirus 5 Murid herpesvirus 1 Human herpesvirus 4 BK polyomavirus JC polyomavirus Simian virus 40 Human immunodeficiency virus 1 Murid herpesvirus 4 Human herpesvirus 8 Merkel cell polyomavirus Mus musculus cytomegalovirus 2
Array Manufacturer: Exiqon A/S, Catalogue number: 208400,208401,208402, Distribution: commercial, Technology: spotted oligonucleotide, Array covering Sanger miRBase 16.0 and Exiqon miRPlus mature miRNAs. The platform information provided is from the time of the design. Names, accession numbers and sequences are listed for mature miRNAs in miRBase 16.0. Some probes may target multiple miRNAs, in which case multiple miRNA names, accession numbers and sequences are listed separated by '/'

Reporter Name = ID of probe

Comment[name] = Name of targeted mature miRNA in Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus, Human lymphocryptovirus, Human cytomegalovirus, Human immunodeficiency virus 1, Human herpes simplex virus 1, Human rhadinovirus, Mouse cytomegalovirus, Mouse gammaherpesvirus, Simian polyomavirus 40, JC polyomavirus, BK polyomavirus, Merkel cell polyomavirus, Herpes Simplex Virus 2

Comment[accession] = Sanger miRBase accession number

Comment[miRNA_LIST] = LINK_PRE:

Reporter Sequence = Sequence if targeting a miR in organism and miRBase 16.0

Comment[database] = Current miRBase version if targeting a miRNA in Sanger miRBase.
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