A-GEOD-10787 - Agilent-028005 Mouse Gene Expression 8x60K Microarray (G4852A)

Mus musculus
Array Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies, Catalogue number: G4852A, Distribution: custom-commercial, Technology: in situ oligonucleotide, SurePrint G3 Mouse GE 8x60K Microarray Glass slide formatted with eight high-definition 60K arrays Includes probes for mRNAs and lincRNAs (long intergenic non-coding RNAs) 60-mer oligo probes ID column represents Agilent Probe ID

Reporter Name = Agilent Probe ID

Comment[CONTROL_TYPE] = Control Type

Reporter Database Entry [genbank] = GenBank Accession number LINK_PRE:

Comment[GENE_SYMBOL] = Gene Symbol

Comment[GENE_NAME] = Gene Name

Reporter Comment = Description

Reporter Database Entry [go] = GO IDs

Reporter Database Entry [chromosome_coordinate] = Chromosomal Location

Comment[SPOT_ID] = control, unknown, etc.

Reporter Sequence = oligo sequence
Yoko Arai(arai@mpi-cbg.de)
All 236 experiments done using A-GEOD-10787