A-GEOD-10636 - Agilent custom C. albicans tiling array - sense (Watson)

Candida albicans
Array Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies, Distribution: custom-commercial, Technology: in situ oligonucleotide, Starting from sequences from the C. albicans Genome Assembly 21, we extracted a continuous series of 242,860 60-bp oligonucleotides each overlapping by 1 bp. We then eliminated 2062 probes containing stretches of 13 or more A or T nucleotides. The remaining 240,798 sequences were then used to produce sense (Watson) and antisense (Crick) whole genome tiling arrays using the Agilent Technologies eArray service (

Comment[POSITION] = Candida genome version and chromosome number

Comment[START] = Start position of the probe

Comment[END] = End position of the probe

Reporter Sequence = Probe Sequence
Adnane Sellam()
All experiments done using A-GEOD-10636: (E-GEOD-22625, E-GEOD-61518)