A-GEHB-4 - GE Healthcare CodeLink Rat Whole Genome Bioarray

Rattus norvegicus
CodeLink Rat Whole Genome Bioarray is designed to interrogate approximately 34 000 transcripts representing most of the known and predictive genes of the rat genome, as it is described today in the public domain. Each transcript is represented by a 30-mer probe which is designed to conserved exons across the transcripts of targeted genes. The probe sequences, representing well annotated, full length and partial rat gene sequences, were designed based on sequences selected from the NCBI UniGene build #129, RefSeq database (April 1, 2004 release) and dbEST database (March 20, 2004 release).
Randall Lockner (randall.lockner@ge.com)
All 16 experiments done using A-GEHB-4
Array DesignA-GEHB-4.adf.txt