A-GEHB-3 - GE Healthcare CodeLink Mouse Whole Genome Bioarray

Rattus norvegicus
Mice exhibit high similarity to many human biological pathways, making it a key model system for human physiological and toxicological studies in drug discovery applications. The probe sequences, representing well annotated, full length and partial mouse gene sequences, were designed based on sequences selected from the NCBI UniGene build #139, RefSeq database (April 1, 2004 release) and dbEST database (July 31, 2004 release).Well-annotated mRNA or coding sequences were chosen to ensure usefulness for a large range of applications in basic research, biotechnology, and drug development. Each sequence was carefully screened to ensure high-quality, specific probe design, and to reduce redundancy of gene targets. All of the probes designed to these sequences were functionally tested, and over 97% were functionally validated against 14 mouse tissues to ensure best representation of the gene and biologically relevant results.
Randall Lockner (randall.lockner@ge.com)
All 15 experiments done using A-GEHB-3
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