A-AGIL-31 - Dessen Agilent Human 244K Oligo Array

The array is designed to interrogate the entire genomic sequence, including repetitive elements. The yeast tiling array includes oligonucleotides to study the forward and reverse strands of the S.cerevisiae genome. 25mer probes were tiled at 8bp intervals on each strand, as measured from the central position of each oligo; creating an overlap of approximately 17bp. For a high resolution view of the genome, the oligos detecting sense and antisense target were offset by 4bp. Certain oligonucleotides (approximately 2% of total probes) were truncated, to economize on the required number of oligonucleotide synthesis steps.
All experiments done using A-AGIL-31: (E-MTAB-1133, E-MTAB-2866, E-TABM-1014, E-TABM-1015, E-TABM-1057, E-TABM-308, E-TABM-703, E-TABM-926)
Array DesignA-AGIL-31.adf.txt