A-AFFY-196 - Almac Diagnostics Ovarian Cancer DSA™ Affymetrix platform array

Homo sapiens
The Almac Diagnostics Ovarian Cancer DSA™ research tool offers a comprehensive gene expression analysis platform for the study of ovarian cancer with over 100,000 biologically relevant transcripts available for interrogation, tens of thousands of which are unavailable on leading generic arrays. Based upon the Affymetrix GeneChip® technology, the Ovarian Cancer DSA™ research tool provides multiple independent measurements for each transcript.

Here are some key statistics: Total probesets = 120,373. Control probesets = 2,596 . Number of transcripts ~100,000 . Feature size = 11 micron . Probe Length = 25-MER . Probe Paris per Probeset = 11.

The Ovarian Cancer DSA™ research tool was compared to the NCBI’s Reference Sequence (RefSeq) database and it was determined that 64% of the Ovarian Cancer DSA™ research tool content is not present in the RefSeq database and 13% of the content represents antisense sequences to annotated transcripts.

Protein homology analysis revealed that a large proportion of the unique transcripts are likely to be protein coding and are involved in processes closely related to cancer initiation and development. A similar proportion are transcripts with antisense homology to these cancer-related proteins and represent sequences with important regulatory potential.
Laura Hill (laura.hill@almacgroup.com)
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