A-AFFY-191 - T. Oshima Affymetrix custom E. coli tiling array (ECTILE2b520514F)

Escherichia coli
Probes were designed for 20 fragments which divide the E. coli genome. This allows rapid evaluation of the quality of hybridization to 20 regions of E. coli genome using GCOS (operation software provided by Affymetrix). However, probes basically cover the whole E. coli genome with very similar and periodical gaps with interleaved tiling probe manner, as which Affimetrix called the type of the design (cdf), e.g. with a gap of 15, the top strand may have probes at EXPOS values of 13, 29, 45, etc., and the bottom strand will have probes at the equivalent EXPOS values of 21, 37, 53, etc. Additional files are available for this array design at
including all Affymetrix library files (ECTILE2b520514F.library_files.zip) and probeset description and sequence file (A-AFFY-191.probeset_desc_seq.txt), the latter extracted from the Affymetrix library files in a tab-delimited, human-readable format.
Taku Oshima (taku@bs.naist.jp)
All experiments done using A-AFFY-191: (E-MEXP-3812, E-MEXP-3813)
Array DesignA-AFFY-191.adf.txt