A-AFFY-190 - Affymetrix Brachypodium distachyon BradiAR1b520742 Gene Expression Array

Brachypodium distachyon
) The array design employs a perfect match (PM) probe strategy using Affymetrix�s 5 micro 49-format array platform containing ~6.5 million features. All of the oligonucleotide probes are unique, single copy sequences within the genome. The mean probe spacing is 42 bases with 95% of probe pairs <126 nucleotides apart. The probes designed for genic regions include 2,548,624 probes targeting exons and introns. On average, exons and introns are represented by 11 probes with 95% of exons or introns targeted by greater than 5 probes. Number of genes covered on the array: 24,905.
Mandadi, Kranthi Kiran(kkmandadi@neo.tamu.edu)
All experiments done using A-AFFY-190: (E-MEXP-3729, E-MEXP-3918)
Array DesignA-AFFY-190.adf.txt