A-AFFY-159 - Affymetrix Custom Array - CNVtype [CNVtype]

Homo sapiens
Probes on the CNV-typing design were organized into probe partitions corresponding to putative CNVs from the genome-scan, reported CNVs from whole-genome sequencing studies (Levy et al. PLoS Biol 2007 and Wheeler et al. Nature 2009), and CNV regions in the DGV (Nov 2008) overlapping in at least two database records. Partitions correspond to regions of varying length and are represented by up to 50 probes each; regions less than 500bp have fewer probes because the probe spacing is capped at 10 bp per probe. A partition can map to more than one CNV; and conversely, a CNV can be represented by one or more partitions. The CDF file for this array is available from the ArrayExpress FTP site:

Jing Hu (jing_hu@affymetrix.com);Affymetrix, Inc. (support@affymetrix.com)
Experiment E-TABM-838
Array DesignA-AFFY-159.adf.txt