A-AFFY-145 - Affymetrix GeneChip Rhesus Macaque Genome Array [Rhesus]

Macaca mulatta
This array enables researcher to study gene expression in the rhesus animal model by simultaneously interrogating over 47,000 M. mulatta transcripts. Additionally, the Rhesus Genome Array contains several relevant viral organisms for studying host-disease immune response. The sequence information for this array was selected from public data sources including data from the University of Nebraska, the Baylor School of Medicine - Rhesus Macaque Whole Genome Shotgun Assembly (October 1, 2004), and GenBank TSs, ESTs, and mRNAs up to March 30, 2005. Additionally, probe sets were designed to interrogate rhesus transcripts orthologous to the 3' end of human transcripts (GeneChip)
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