A-AFFY-140 - Affymetrix Custom Array - L. monocytogenes gene expression

Listeria monocytogenes
The ListIPb520421F Tiling Array was designed in collaboration with Affymetrix. Specifically, the microarray (format 49-7875 with 11 A?m features) contains a total of 497,205 probes. This chip is divided into two parts. The first part corresponds to the tiling sub-array which contains a total of 345,668 probes covering both strands of the 2,944,528 bp of Listeria monocytogenes EGD-e genome. Each 25-mer probe was tiled each 16 nucleotides across the whole genome, resulting in 9-nt overlaps (bpmap files). The second part corresponds to the L. monocytogenes gene expression sub-array which contains 62,788 probes grouped into 2,854 probe sets (cdf file).
Olivier Dussurget (olivier.dussurget@pasteur.fr)
All experiments done using A-AFFY-140: (E-MEXP-2138, E-MTAB-1676)
Array DesignA-AFFY-140.adf.txt