Coordinating EMBL-EBI’s external training activities


Training is a core activity across EMBL-EBI, involving almost every part of the organisation and coordinated by a team of ~30 people. The Training Team delivers a world-recognised programme that encompasses live and self-paced learning, support for trainers, and scientific visits. Many of our activities are developed in collaboration with others.

Developing and delivering content with impact

We work with colleagues and collaborators to ensure that EMBL-EBI’s training…

  • Fulfils the needs of our course participants
  • Reflects the spectrum of science at EMBL-EBI
  • Has good strategic fit with the EMBL Course and Conference programme
  • Responds in a timely manner to new developments

A community-based approach to bioinformatics training

Science is a global enterprise and the demand for EMBL-EBI services is global. This comes with a responsibility to train users from anywhere in the world. Our portfolio of collaborations provides more information on specific activities to strengthen training capacity and to develop training programmes for specific communities. 
In addition to this dynamic landscape of collaborations, the EMBL-EBI training programme is part of the ELIXIR training platform. We also work closely with the International Society of Computational Biology to develop professional standards for bioinformatics.

Delivering inclusive and green events

The EMBL-EBI training team provides professional support for events, including virtual events, face-to-face courses and workshops at EMBL-EBI and further afield, conference exhibitions and closed meetings. The training team supports EMBL-EBI’s regular programme of specialised knowledge exchange workshops for our industry partners. We aim to ensure that every participant feels safe and welcome.

Operating and optimising supportive infrastructure for training

Working closely with the web development team and with EMBL communications, we have developed, and are continually improving upon, a web infrastructure that supports the efficient creation and sharing of course content in line with FAIR principles. We also run our own compute infrastructure for courses, using a combination of EMBL-EBI-owned hardware and cloud-based compute. This mixed model enables us to provide  ‘pop up’ IT training environments to support training activities anywhere on the globe.