Genomics Technology Infrastructure

Interfaces and Infrastructure for genomes

The Genomics Technology Infrastructure team creates world-leading systems for processing, analysing, disseminating and visualising genome sequence and annotation, primarily for the Ensembl project.


We are an interdisciplinary and international team who create software and visualisations to help researchers analyse and interpret of genomic data. Genomic data analysis plays a major role in addressing some of the biggest challenges facing our society including food security, climate change and an ageing population. Our services are built on-top of the Ensembl platform, first released in 1999 in support of the human genome project. Ensembl tools and interfaces are available for use without restriction and we are passionate supporters of open source software.

Our team is made of software engineers, bioinformaticians, interdisciplinary-scientists, design and UX experts from around the world meaning we can develop excellent software at a rapid pace. We participate in world wide collaborations and host students and visitors from around the world. We also regularly participate in the Google Summer of Code program.

Our services


Assemblies, annotation and analysis for vertebrates and model organisms.

Ensembl for non-vertebrates

Providing genomes from across the tree of life

Ensembl rapid release

Rapid access to assemblies and annotation

Ensembl COVID-19

Genomic resources and analysis around the COVID-19 pandemic

Ensembl 2020

Our new ground-up rebuild of Ensembl’s existing infrastructure and visualisations

Latest jobs

Research Assistant in Structural Biology

Science, research and training in Grenoble, France

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Scientific Training Lead (Core Programme)

Administrative and support in EMBL-EBI Hinxton

Training is a core activity across EMBL-EBI, involving almost every part of the organisation and coordinated by a team of ~30 people. The Training Team delivers a world-recognised programme that encompasses courses delivered virtually and face-to-face to a global audience alongside self-paced online…

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