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EMBL-EBI is broadly divided in to service teams and research groups. There are also a number of other teams who provide essential support and guidance.

Examples: Birney, expression, ensembl

Service teams

Bateman team
Protein sequence resources
Brazma team
Functional Genomics
Burdett team
Infrastructure and development to support the data ingestion, storage, validation, coordination and presentation of molecular archival resources
Cochrane team
Supporting the management, sharing, integration, archiving and dissemination of sequence data across platforms, applications and taxa
Cunningham team
Enriching understanding of genomic variation and genome interpretation
Dyer team
Non-vertebrate genomics
Finn team
Services for the analysis and archiving of microbiome derived sequence data.
Flicek team
Vertebrate genomics
Harrison team
Functional annotation of sequence variants and non-genic regions
Hermjakob team
Molecular Networks, Pathways, Mathematical Models
Howe team
Genome annotation and comparative genomics
Keane team
Sequence and variation archives
Kleywegt team
Molecular and cellular structure cluster
Leach team
computational chemical biology resources and research
Martin team
Protein Function development
McEntyre team
Literature services
Molecular Interactions
Molecular interactions, networks and complexes
O'Donovan team
Open Targets
A public-private partnership that uses human genetics and genomics data for systematic drug target identification and prioritisation
Orchard team
Ensuring the quality and accuracy of UniProt, the universal protein resource
Papatheodorou team
Gene Expression
Parkinson team
Resources for the description and analysis of samples, phenotypes and interoperability.
Patwardhan team
Imaging data services
Sarkans team
Functional Genomics Development
Velankar team
Protein Data Bank in Europe
Vizcaino Team
Proteomics resources and tools
Yates team
Providing technical and production support for the Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes projects

Research groups

Bateman research group
Analysis of protein and RNA sequence
Beltrao research group
Evolution of Cellular Networks
Birney research group
Sequence algorithms and intra-species variation
Brazma research group
Functional genomics research
Cortes Ciriano group
Cancer Genomics
Finn research group
Computational microbiome research
Flicek research group
Evolution of transcriptional regulation
Gerstung research group
Computational cancer biology
Goldman research group
Evolutionary tools for genomic analysis
Iqbal research group
Computational microbial genomics
Keane research group
Computational comparative genomics
Leach research group
Computational modelling and informatics for drug discovery
Marioni research group
Computational biology
Papatheodorou research group
Decoding phenotypes using single cell genomics
Petsalaki research group
Whole-cell signalling
Thornton research group
Proteins: structure, function and evolution
Uhlmann research group
Bioimage analysis