Paola Roncaglia

Paola Roncaglia
Scientific Curator, Gene Ontology Editorial Office
Paola is a Gene Ontology (GO) developer in the Samples, Phenotypes and Ontologies team at EMBL-EBI. Her main task is to refine and improve the structure and content of GO, and to ensure its integration with external ontologies. In this context, she is involved in several biology-driven projects to bring representation of specific areas of GO up to date with current research knowledge. Paola also contributes to GO outreach by addressing users’ needs, providing documentation and training. Prior to joining EMBL-EBI, Paola worked on high-throughput data analysis, specifically transcriptomics and genome sequencing and annotation. She obtained her PhD in Biophysics (Neurobiology) from the International School for Advanced studies (SISSA-ISAS) in Trieste, Italy and her MSc in Biology from the University of Rome.

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-2825-0621

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