Mary Barlow

Mary Barlow
Head of Strategic Projects - Strategic project management

Mary Barlow is head of the Strategic Project Management Office at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), and has oversight of impact reporting and the development of infrastructure business cases. Prior to taking on this role, Barlow served as a Programme Manager for the multi-million pound investment in EMBL-EBI by the UK government's Large Facilities Capital Fund. This programme included the construction of new office space and the on-going public procurement of ICT infrastructure to support EMBL-EBI's growing public databases. Barlow's work prior to EMBL-EBI focused on ICT integration and intelligent buildings. She began her career working on broadcast projects in BBC Technology, after obtaining her degree in Maths and Engineering at Nottingham University.

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Strategic project management

The EMBL-EBI Strategic Project Management team led by Mary Barlow supports the organisation with large structural, mainly capital funded, projects and any other suitable Institute wide change programme. The team supports the procurement processes of large scale tenders up the point of tender award.

Working closely with EMBL-EBI’s other strategic teams, the team is responsible for measuring the impact of the programmes EMBL-EBI delivers, alongside developing onward funding cases for these programmes.

The team coordinates the EMBL-EBI Project Managers Network that seeks to identify and spread good working practices through the Institute.

Strategic Project Management at EMBL-EBI falls under Administration, which is led by Rachel Curran.



Team members

  • Catherine Beaufort
  • Ewan Johnstone
  • Simone Matias Vegh
  • Menna Raafat