Irene Papatheodorou

Irene Papatheodorou
Team Leader - Papatheodorou team: Gene Expression

Irene Papatheodorou leads the Gene Expression team, which focuses on gene expression analyses at tissue and single cell level across species. Her team delivers tools and services for the submission, archiving, analysis and visualisation of functional genomics experiments. After completing her degree in Genetics at University College London, Irene focused on Bioinformatics through her MSc and PhD studies at Imperial College. 

ORCID iD: 0000-0001-7270-5470

Tel:+ 44 (0) 1223 49 2568 / Fax:


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Papatheodorou team

Part of EMBL-EBI's mission is to archive experimental data, supporting publications in journals and facilitating research reproducibility. The Gene Expression team, led by Irene Papatheodorou, comprises biologists, bioinformaticians and software engineers and is responsible for the acquisition, curation, quality control and user support for data submitted to the ArrayExpress archive of functional genomics experiments. 

EMBL-EBI is commited to making archived data accessible to life scientists through resources such as the Expression Atlas, a value-added database of information on gene and protein expression patterns under different biological conditions. The Gene Expression team is responsible for acquiring high-quality microarray, RNA-seq and proteomics data from EMBL-EBI archives such as ArrayExpress and PRIDE, and from external sources. Our team provides in-depth manual curation, annotation to ontologies, quality control and re-analysis using in-house, standardised statistical pipelines. This allows us to provide accessible data visualisations in the Expression Atlas.

The Gene Expression team is also responsible for training and outreach for ArrayExpress and the Expression Atlas. We work closely with EMBL-EBI's Bioinformatics training programme to develop on-line training tools and deliver courses, workshops and conference presentations.



Team members

  • Yalan Bi
  • Natassja Bush
  • Silvie Fexova
  • Anja Fullgrabe
  • Nancy George
  • Haider Iqbal
  • Upendra Kumbham
  • Sandeep Reddy Kurri
  • Tracey Mahoney
  • Jonathan Manning
  • Zhichao Miao
  • Anna Reed
  • Pablo Moreno
  • Alfonso Munoz-Pomer Fuentes
  • Andrey Solovyev
  • Michael Von Papen
  • Lingyun Zhao