Update to Aspera server

Update to Aspera server

7 Jul 2017 - 15:41

EBI has built a new Aspera server on up-dated hardware with the latest Aspera version and configuration. This should improve your experience in downloading data via Aspera, and also address some of the recent problems that have been linked to the use of an old Aspera server version. The current Aspera hostnames will be switched over to use the new server on the 1st August.

In line with Aspera recommendations on best practice, the new service has been configured to use port 33001 for both TCP and UDP transport. Therefore, in order to use the new service you will need to modify your ascp command line to include the switch "-P33001". Any commands that do not specify this port will fail after the 1st August. To minimise disruption to your downloads, the new port has also been configured on the existing Aspera server. We suggest that you update any scripts and start using the new port as soon as possible.

The update will also result in a new IP address. Your institution may need to modify their firewall rules to accommodate the new IP address and TCP port assignment as follows:

  • permit TCP outbound to on port 33001
  • permit UDP outbound to on port 33001
  • permit UDP inbound from on port 33001

The new server is currently available, therefore you may want to try out downloading from this server ( before the end of July to make sure you have handled the firewall and command-line changes required.

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