UniProt release 2014_06


UniProt release 2014_06

13 Jun 2014 - 15:20

UniProt 2014_06 is out. Get your 69,560,473 protein records today! Read headline article 'Everything you always wanted to know...' and more at http://beta.uniprot.org/help/2014/06/11/release

UniProtKB News

Extension of the UniProtKB accession number format

We have extended the UniProtKB accession number format to 10 alphanumerical characters by adding a third pattern for new UniProtKB accession numbers. Old UniProtKB accession numbers will not change.

Changes to the controlled vocabulary for PTMs

New term for the feature key ‘Modified residue’ (‘MOD_RES’ in the flat file): N6-glutaryllysine.

UniProt DAS news

We have retired the SAAS data source from our DAS server.

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