Reactome Pathway Browser: packed with new features

Reactome pathway browser

Reactome Pathway Browser: packed with new features

15 Oct 2015 - 11:00

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Reactome pathway browser, which now provides faster, more reliable navigation of our content and better access to our analysis tools. You can learn about all the new features in a brief video tour.

The Reactome pathway browser now offers improved, customisable colour schemes, and lets you search for terms within an individual pathway diagram using names or identifiers - including identifiers for both molecules hidden within complexes and molecule sets displayed in the diagram. The Diagram Search uses predictive suggestions, and this feature now comprises a much greater set of synonyms and alternative identifiers.

The browser also features a panel that provides details of the composition of sets and complexes, including links to other pathways that contain the same molecules, and analysis results. In addition, you can now share a view (selected objects, open panels, expanded details and analysis results overlay) more easily just by copying the URL.    

Zoom in to a more legible, informative view

The level of detail shown in diagrams is zoom-dependent, so recurring small molecules like ATP and water now fade out and coloured overlays identifying sub-pathways appear as you zooms out, providing a more legible, informative overview. For example, have a look at PIP activation of AKT:

Reactome pathway browser

Now zoom out more to see larger sections shaded and labeled as subpathways, and zoom in to see details of the subpathway, with frequently occurring molecules re-appearing:

Reactome pathway browser - detail 

Other features in this release

Try browser's “back” and “forward” buttons - they now allow you to review every selection made to reach the current view.

Right-clicking on a complex or set in the diagram now opens a contextual information panel that lists the molecules within it.

As an aid to navigation, subpathways are 'shadowed' to highlight the region they occupy within the diagram.

Pathway Diagrams can be exported as an image, including any analysis results and selected items, via the camera icon (top-right corner of the diagram).

There are many, many more new features in this release, so we encourage you to have a look at this brief video tour.

Questions? Feedback?

As always, we welcome your questions and comments at

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