May 2020 releases: Single Cell Expression Atlas and Expression Atlas

Expression Atlas, Single Cell Expression Atlas releases

May 2020 releases: Single Cell Expression Atlas and Expression Atlas

18 May 2020 - 13:13

The latest releases for the Expression Atlases are now available. We’ve been working hard with all our collaborators to curate and process the latest datasets. This new release contains data from three main projects and highlights 23 new datasets aiding research on COVID-19 disease caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.  All information can be found via the release notes for bulk and single cell Expression Atlases.

Expression Atlas contains almost 200 new datasets for both baseline and differential data and two new species: Canis familiaris (dog) and Anas platyrhynchos (duck).

Single Cell Expression Atlas has nine new Human Cell Atlas datasets easily found through its dedicated landing page. Many datasets now include inferred cell type annotations and all have been reprocessed using our latest analysis pipeline.

 New experiments relevant to the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic:

  • Transcriptional response of human lung epithelial cells to SARS-CoV-2 infection (E-GEOD-147507)
  • Host responses contributing to the attenuation of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronaviruses missing E protein domains (E-GEOD-59185)
  • SARS infection of C57BL6, TIMP1 and Serpine1 knock-out mice (E-GEOD-51386)
  • Human airway epithelial responses to rhinovirus infection and cigarette smoke extract alone and in combination (E-GEOD-27973)
  • Infection of wild type and CXCR3 knockout C57BL6/J mice with SARS MA15 (E-GEOD-50878)

Latest Human Cell Atlas datasets now include inferred cell types:

  • Structural remodeling of the human colonic mesenchyme in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (E-HCAD-11)
  • Spatio-temporal immune zonation of the human kidney (E-HCAD-10)
  • Ischaemic sensitivity of human tissue by single cell RNA-seq (E-HCAD-1)
  • Dissecting the human liver cellular landscape by single cell RNA-seq reveals novel intrahepatic monocyte/ macrophage populations (E-HCAD-9)
  • A single-cell reference map of transcriptional states for human blood and tissue T cell activation (E-HCAD-8)

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