IntAct Update: November 2013

IntAct: the open-source protein-interaction database

IntAct Update: November 2013

5 Nov 2013 - 11:28

Dataset of the Month

Dolan, P.T., et al. (2013) Identification and comparative analysis of hepatitis C virus-host cell protein interactions. Mol. BioSys. 9:3199-3209. DOI: 10.1039/c3mb70343f.

Data for this study were submitted directly to IntAct as part of the publication process, and can be searched using IMEx ID IM-21137 on the IntAct website and the IMEx Consortium pages.

You can find papers involving viral proteins by looking for the 'Virus' dataset using the advanced search options in IntAct.

If you would like your paper to be featured as our dataset of the month, please submit the data prior to publication. Contact us at

Release News

There have been three releases in October (R171-173). The IntAct database now contains 12,131 publications, 31,292 experiments and 434,941 binary interactions.

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