IntAct Update: December 2013

Perturbation of the mutated EGFR interactome identifies vulnerabilities and resistance mechanisms

IntAct Update: December 2013

10 Dec 2013 - 08:16

Dataset of the month

Li, J., et al. (2013) Perturbation of the mutated EGFR interactome identifies vulnerabilities and resistance mechanisms.  Molecular Systems Biology.

Contributing authors: Li JBennett KStukalov AFang BZhang GYoshida TOkamoto IKim JYSong LBai YQian XRawal B,Schell MGrebien FWinter GRix UEschrich SColinge JKoomen JSuperti-Furga GHaura EB

The data was submitted directly to IntAct as part of the publication process, and can be searched using IMEx ID IM-21413 on the IntAct website and the IMEx Consortium pages.

If you would like your data to become our dataset of the month, please submit it prior to publication, and contact us at

Release News

There was one release in November: R174. The IntAct database now contains 12,131 publications, 31,292 experiments and 434,941 binary interactions.

IntAct team publication

We recently published a paper in the 2014 Database issue of Nucleic Acids Research: The MIntAct project--IntAct as a common curation platform for 11 molecular interaction databases. It describes the work of the IntAct database, and all the external collaborators which contribute to it.

Happy holidays!

The IntAct team at EMBL-EBI would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday season. We look forward to continuing to work with and support our users, contributors and collaborators in 2014.

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