IntAct: August 2013 Update

Reese-Hoyes 2013

IntAct: August 2013 Update

1 Aug 2013 - 08:11

Database News

The 2014 course on Networks and Pathways Bioinformatics for Biologists at EMBL-EBI, supported by the PSIMEx project (funded under the Health Theme of the EU's Seventh Framework Programme), by took place at EMBL-EBI with 39 students learning how to analyse their large-scale datasets using a variety of methods.

EMBL-EBI course Networks and Pathways 2013

Dataset of the month

Reese-Hoyes 2013Taken from: Reece-Hoyes, J.S., et al. (2013) Extensive Rewiring and Complex Evolutionary Dynamics in a C. elegans Multiparameter Transcription Factor Network. Mol Cell. 51, 116-127.

The authors characterise network rewiring for C. elegans transcription factors (TFs) within and across four newly delineated molecular networks following gene duplication events. They found that even highly similar TFs often have different interaction degrees and partners and most TF families have a member that is highly connected in multiple networks. These observations indicate that sequence similarity is generally not predictive of interaction profile similarity and illustrate the continued need for the mapping of molecular interaction networks for different species.

The dataset was submitted directly to IntAct as part of the publication process, and can be searched using IMEx ID IM-20832 on the IntAct website and the IMEx Consortium pages.

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