EVA's first non-human RS ID release

EVA's first non-human RS ID release

12 Nov 2019 - 19:09

The European Variation Archive (EVA) announced today its latest release consisting of 750 154 888 variant locus (RS) IDs in 203 non-human species. This release is the culmination of a year long process to import all non-human RefSNP (RS) accessioned variants from dbSNP. The release is available via the following methods:

Bulk download

The variants are available on the EVA FTP site organised by species/assembly listing all the RS IDs for variants stored in EVA. The files include current RS accessioned variants, as well as deprecated and unmapped variants/IDs. More information regarding the format of the general release can be found in the "README_general_info.txt", while species specific information can be found in "README_species_issues.txt".

EVA Website

Variants can be searched by RS or SS IDs on the EVA website.

REST Interface

Acomprehensive REST API for programmatic access is also available for all of the EVA data by species, study, and RS ID.

The EVA team welcomes feedback from the community on this first EVA release and will aim to incorporate this into future releases. 

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