Reactome launches new web interface

Reactome: A resource for molecular reactions

Reactome launches new web interface

30 Sep 2013 - 09:00

Reactome's new web interface for open-source, curated pathway and reaction data is a faster, more flexible tool to help researchers query, analyse and visualise molecular data.

Reactome's new features

  • Access to visualisation and data analysis tools via a simpler homepage.
  • New pathway diagram tools to search within the displayed pathway and download the diagram as a snapshot or PNG file.
  • Enhanced “Details" panel providing tabbed views of graphical and textual information. The Structures tab displays 3D structural data and citations for proteins from PDBe, small molecules from ChEBI,  and the stoichiometry of metabolic reactions from Rhea. The Expression tab displays gene expression data from Gene Expression Atlas.
  • We've merged our tools for analysing user-supplied experimental data. Pathway identifier mapping, over-representation, and expression analysis tools are now grouped into a single submission form. Tabbed views offers alternative representations of your results. 
  • New pathway diagram colourisation improves the visualisation of expression and over-representation analysis results, particularly for complexes and sets.  

Behind the scenes, Reactome has added functionality that makes it more flexible and responsive. These include:

  • New data model and visualisation strategies to annotate and display disease counterparts of normal human processes. This new feature supports descriptions of diseases related to infection and mutation at the molecular level.
  • Improved flexibility and performance of our pathway browser with a new pathway diagram visualisation tool using HTML5 Canvas.
  • Extended data overlaying technologies to support molecular interaction data from the PSIQUIC registry, including BindingDB, DrugBank, and GeneMANIA.
  • An updated Reactome Functional Interaction plugin that supports Cytoscape v3.x., providing useful tools for the discovery of network patterns related to cancer and other types of disease.

About Reactome

Reactome is a collaboration among groups at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York University Medical Center, and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). Freely available to all users worldwide, the Reactome database offers human pathway data that span and integrate metabolism, signalling cascades, and cellular processes like apoptosis, extracted from the published literature in collaboration with experts from the scientific community and cross-referenced to a wide range of biological databases. Reactome data and software are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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