New in InterPro: Search by domain organisation

Search by domain organisation (IDA): new feature in InterPro

New in InterPro: Search by domain organisation

20 May 2014 - 12:18

A new feature in InterPro, the InterPro Domain Architecture (IDA) tool, helps you search for proteins by domain organisation.

The IDA tool makes it easy to identify all of the different domain combinations where one type of domain co-occurs with another, or a particular domain is followed by another. It  lets you search using a particular set of domains, and returns all of the domain organisations and associated proteins that match your query. The IDA tool uses a specialised algorithm, developed at EMBL-EBI, that rapidly searches through all domain matches within InterPro and returns proteins that match the domains and ordering specified in the query.

Protein domains are often recombined to give rise to functional diversity. It can be informative to see that you have a DNA binding domain in a protein, but these are usually associated with different regulatory or sensory domains that can lead to specific transcription activation of genes related to the signal. The IDA tool allows you identifiy groups of proteins that have the same combinations of domains in the sequence. 

Visit InterPro to try the new IDA search tool

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