New releases: InterPro 81.0 and InterProScan 5.46-81.0

InterPro: protein sequence analysis & classification

New releases: InterPro 81.0 and InterProScan 5.46-81.0

19 Aug 2020 - 10:41
InterPro version 81.0 and InterProScan 5.46-81.0 are now available! InterPro now features hundreds of new methods integrated from partner databases, and InterProScan draws on over 35,000 entries.

InterPro version 81.0

InterPro 81.0 integrates 459 new methods from the PROSITE profiles (54), PRINTS (2), TIGRFAMs (3), Pfam (315), PIRSF (4), PANTHER (15), HAMAP (55), CDD (10), SFLD (1) databases, and covers 81.3% of UniProt Knowledgebase release . It predicts Gene Ontology (GO) terms for over 109 million UniProt proteins via the InterPro2GO pipeline.

The new release includes an update to UniParc (uniparc_match.tar.gz) matches to InterPro methods. You can find this on our ftp site:

For full details, see the latest InterPro Release Notes.


InterProScan 5.46-81.0 uses data from the newly released InterPro 81.0, which contains 37,821 entries. You can find the full release notes here.

If you need help with InterPro or InterProScan, please contact us using our support form - your message will reach everyone on the team.

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